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Taking Care of Your Self vs Self Love. What’s the Difference?

June 1, 2023

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I'm Lacy — a Holistic Nutrition Health coach for Christian women. I'm here to help you lose the weight and negative thinking that hold you back in your health journey, so you can live free!

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Loving yourself VS. serving others 

Taking care of yourself VS. loving yourself…

Lots of confusion or maybe just language barriers…. 

“I’m finally doing this for me. I choose to love myself.” 

Have you ever heard this? Said it yourself? Thought it? I hear it all the time. 

Sister, you do not have to choose self care or taking care of others. 

What if it’s both? 

If you are always taking care of others and not stewarding you’re own mental/emotional, spiritual or physical health, you don’t have to do it that way. Read that again. 

This idea that that’s the way it has to be done has a tendency to lead to a victim mentality, and overtime you may feel like you are being taking advantage of, and un-appreciated.  

The truth though- is that the only one who will put boundaries around your health and wellness is YOU.

If you choose to be spent and have nothing left for you, that’s not because your family or demands of life made this happen. 

It’s all priorities and choices. 

We constantly have to check and balance our priorities so we have alignment. This looks different for everyone based on what you want for your life and the season you are in. 

But the truth is you can do both- serve/give love and put others first, AND take care of yourself. 

How can this be? 

It’s a mindset shift. 

Instead of “I wish I could exercise, I just don’t have time because of XYZ.” Or feeling like your weight loss goals aren’t where you want them to because you are always on the go for your family, it’s time to reframe those thoughts.

“Because I love my family, and want to serve them, I will find a way to move my body.”

It doesn’t mean you have to train for a bikini competition lol! It means you can take a 20 minute walk. 

It doesn’t mean you have to do Whole 30, it may mean you just need to say no waffles fries and shake today, let’s do a salad. 

How we minimalist the small things we can do everyday that really can add up to making us feel better – all in the name of ”busyness”. 

You know what else needs to happen when you do take that walk or choose the better items off the menu? Celebrate! We diminish the little things we do instead of celebrating the wins. 

Call it a win, and you will see it compound and lead to bigger wins!!! You will start to get excited about making healthier choices and it will have a ripple effect! 

If you shame your walk that it was “just a walk” that’s not fun. Enjoy the person you are becoming! 

My health goals change all the time based on my season of life. 

At one point, I could run an hour a day, and be gone for 2 hrs exercising. 

We aren’t there right now. 

In some seasons I could juice regularly, or make detox drinks in the morning- that’s not something we can do forever in this season.

But, what can we do? Be faithful! Prioritize health and make the best choices because it’s not about ME and it’s not about YOU! 

We don’t pursue health just to “love ourselves”. How empty and sad. 

We pursue and prioritize Health to be the best mom, wife, and friend we can be, because when we feel better we have more to give- not less. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Change your thinking here! 

We don’t have to have a 6 pack, amazing abs or a beach bod, because that’s not your calling in life. But, you can be faithful and steward your body because it is a gift from God. If we are called to be responsible with our talents, gifts, abilities, knowledge, relationships and finances, why do we think as Christians we are exempt from taking care our health? 

Just like how those areas we  are responsible for our choices, we also see results in our health based on our lifestyle. 

The results you have now are from lifestyle choices and habits. 

My question is: 

1. Do you like the results you are currently getting? 

2. If you want to see different results, are you ready to make changes in your lifestyle?

It all begins with your thoughts. It stings to know that -where we are now- didn’t just happen to us. But kick that shame to the curb! – When you understand that you are the one that can change it, this is empowering, exciting, and fun! Don’t beat yourself up for where you are today, suit up and get ready to do the things that the person you want to be does! 

With God all things are possible! 

I love helping Christian women find the fun in stewarding this amazing gift we were given. ❤️ You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Get up sister and get out there! 🙌🏼❤️

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