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"Healthy" can be "happy" and "fitness" can be "fun."
I’ll show you how!

Discover the healthiest version of yourself and freely run your race!

Tired? Stressed? Feeling like you can't stop grabbing that "little treat" on the bad days, or just because you "deserve it"? Shame over the scale? Discouraged because your clothes don't fit anymore? If there's a picture, are you often hiding behind someone or something?

It doesn't have to be like this anymore! 
A vibrant, healthy life is within reach. You don't have to stay stuck!
Perhaps you just need a little guidance along your journey.

and it's our responsibility to steward that gift well.

Good health is a gift from God,

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Small or large gatherings, Lacy's talks are flexible to fit women's ministry's, schools, corporate events, and anything in between. 

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Transformational 1-on-1
Holistic Nutrition coaching
tailored to your specific needs.
A life changing experience! 

Transformational 1-on-1 Holistic Nutrition coaching tailored to your needs.
A life changing experience! 

Health Coaching


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Learn more about the "OG" Gut Health supplements to fill in nutritional gaps and get to the root issues that hold you back. 

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Hey there friend!
My heart is to help Christian women who are tired stuck and defeated,
find joy energy and hope in their health. This life is short.
There's no time to let anything
hold you back from your calling. 

That's why I'm here! Helping you find freedom, so you can feel your best and go DO what you were put here to do for the Glory of God! 

Hey there my friend!
I'm on a mission to help Christian women who feel tired, stuck, and defeated discover joy, energy, and hope in their health. Life is too short to let anything hold us back from fulfilling our purpose. I understand that feeling self-conscious about your size, ashamed of your physical condition, or simply not feeling your best can make it challenging to step out and into all that the Lord has in store for you.

That's why I'm here! Let's work together and I'll show you how you can overcome the bondage of poor health, and step confidently into freedom all to the Glory of God!

Holistic Nutrition · Fitness Instructor · Jesus Lover

Holistic Nutrition Coach
· Fitness Instructor · Jesus Lover

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"Not only have I lost weight, have more energy and structure, my marriage is better and I feel confident again. I've let go of so many unnecessary expectations and I'm feeling lighter and free." – Christi R.

"She was gentle, supportive and real, as she helped me get to the root of it all."

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